2017 Karate Season – Junior League – Spring Season 


Div 1 u35k 

Warriors look to have stamped their name on this division with another 4 from 4 wins and they take a fairly commanding lead into the last match day on June 17th.
Warlords move up to second as Panthers drop down to third and Samurai drop to bottom just behind the Vipers  who picked up 2 wins to allow them to move up a place and sit right behind the Panthers only on points scored… 

Div 1 u45k

The Warriors in the form of Warriors A have again taken charge of this category but Vipers are still in a position to make a late charge should they slip up.

Warriors B and Wolverines look likely to battle it out for 3rd and 4th with Panthers struggling to make any impression from 5th place.

Div  1 u55k 

Warriors again top the table with an unbeaten 4 from 4 but Warlords and Tigers may yet have a say in the final standing in this division.

The last match day should be a cracker with matches between the top four all being pretty tight.

Vipers will hope to have gained valuable experience for next season when some of the other  teams heavier fighters will have moved to the o55k division.

Div 1 o55k

There was some confusion about the fixture list in this division due to some absences, as the list was redrawn some teams had more fights than others and this will be addressed on the last match day.

Meanwhile the teams sit in the table below with Wolverines and Panthers holding  a  match in hand whilst the Warlords have 2 matches in hand.

All to play for on the last day!

Div 2 u35k

Tigers had a bad day losing 3 of their 4 matches and drop to 4th place whilst Arch Angels had a resurgence and earned 8 points to go top. 

Warlords sit on the Angels shoulder  with gladiators and Tigers split only on points scored.

The last match day should be a good one to watch.

Div 2 u45k

Terminators had a slight hiccup in this division losing to rivals the Flying Tigers but still managed to hang on to top spot.

The Assassins and Legends are neck and neck in 3rd place with Cobras in 5th and Phantoms still battling to get off the mark in 6th.

Div 2 o45k

A strong Barbarian team look certain to take this division and move up to the division 1 level at the end of the season. They completely bossed this section and sit firmly at the top awaiting promotion.

Warlords stay game in 2nd with Phantoms consolidating their position in 3rd, ninjas get off the mark with 2 wins but the Tornadoes still look for their first win.

Good luck to all the teams on the last day of the season.

Div 3 u35k Pool A

Destroyers upped their lead to 8 points and look fairly good bets to make the play offs at the end of the season, Warlords and Vipers will look to contest the other play off position but are separated currently only by points scored. In a tight scoring division the Phantoms B and Mini Panthers are also not yet out of the running for a play off place.

Pool B

This division has two pools and will finish with a play off series between the top two in each pool.

In Pool B Flying Tigers hang on to top spot with the Wolverines just behind having beaten the Flying Tigers in the last match of match day 2.

Phantoms A sit in 3rd with Assassins and Cobras close behind.  Hard to say exactly which two teams will make the play offs on Match day 3.

The last match day is on Sat 17th June times as follows:-

Div 1 U35 and U45k    arrive at 12 for 12.15 start

Div 1 u55 and O55    arrive at 1.30 for 1.45 start

Div 2 all divisions  arrive at 2.45 for 3 pm start

Div 3 all divisions arrive at 4.30 for a 4.45 start


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